Regions4: Launch of Regions Adapt Progress Report 2023

Addressing Climate Justice in Regional Adaptation Planning and Actions


On the 5th of December, the RegionsAdapt initiative coordinated by Regions4 launched its highly anticipated 2023 Progress Report – “Addressing Climate Justice in Regional Adaptation Planning and Actions” (include the link to download in the title pls)

Since 2016, RegionAdapt annual reports showcase the pivotal role of subnational governments in climate resilience efforts. Having officially partnered with the UNFCCC Race to Resilience global campaign in 2021, these reports have consistently tracked the progress of commitments made by regions through RegionsAdapt.

This year, the 2023 Report is focused on climate justice, and will critically examine how subnational governments integrate vulnerable populations and climate justice dimensions into the entire spectrum of assessing, planning, acting, and reporting for climate adaptation.  The assessment draws from a comprehensive literature review, interviews with regional governments in collaboration with the Basque Centre for Climate Change (BC3), and CDP States and Regions data of 36 RegionsAdapt members, representing over 263 million people.

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