Pathways2Resilience project | Kick-Off Meeting in Brussels, EIT House

Launched to implement the EU Mission on Adaptation to Climate Change, Pathways2Resilience is a programme that aims to increase climate resilience in 100 European regions and communities through a capability-driven approach.

Consortium partners-Pathways2Resilience
Kick-Off meeting | March 2023 - EIT House, Brussels.

As the climate crisis is already impacting our lives, adapting to climate change is crucial. Both local and regional authorities have a major role to play in enabling rapid and far-reaching change. However, some regions and communities struggle to cope in view of those challenges. This is where the Pathways2Resilience programme comes in.

The programme will develop a Regional Resilience Journey framework to support regions in developing transformative strategies that foster climate adaptation. Cross-regional learning, collaboration, and capacity building across different systems will be encouraged. A total of EUR 21 million in funding will be allocated across 100 European regions and communities via two open call cycles.

With the programme’s launch in January 2023, partners have actively started to discuss the strategy to mobilise regions, the criteria to select supported regions and assess climate vulnerability considering expected climate risks but also adaptation capacity, as well as the amount of sub-grants to allocate to allow for transformative climate adaptation changes in selected regions.

What to expect in the upcoming months

The Pathways2Resilience programme will begin with developing and implementing an Expression of Interest (EOI) process for regions and communities to trigger initial commitments, define adaptation challenges and understand local governance and engagement of key stakeholders in adaptation activities.

The EOI process will be followed by the launch of the call for regions and communities to apply and get onboarded within the programme implementation. Selected candidates and the corresponding favoured regions or communities will receive both financial resources in the form of a sub-grant and support services and capacity-building activities  to implement transformative actions fostering climate resilience in their territories.


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