Europe needs transformational adaptation: lessons from the frontline

Europe is now the fastest-warming continent and is already struggling with the impacts of climate change. We look at how the experience from countries at the frontline of climate action is shaping their response, and the role of IIED Europe and IIED in connecting people with possible solutions The panel at the ECCA 2023 side […]

EIT Climate-KIC: The practice of climate adaptation in a challenging environment

The practice of climate adaptation in a challenging environment

“In five years from now, there will be at least 100 European regions with a transformative climate adaptation plan, and ready to implement a number of actions to build resilience in their communities. That would be a fantastic catalyser for change.”  Says Fernando Diaz Lopez, lead of Pathways2Resilience, a programme funded by Horizon Europe under […]

EIT Climate-KIC: Why should Europe care about climate adaptation?

The climate crisis is a global issue. In 2019, a massive heatwave killed four thousand in Europe. EIT Climate-KIC talked to Fernando Diaz Lopez, lead of the Pathways2Resilience programme, about the strategies Europe needs to put in place to adapt to the new climate realities. While the impact of climate change is more severe in other parts of the world, […]